With a Smart Phone, a $30 Headset and an internet connection

VR Headset, online exam

Secure Exams in VR at Your Fingertips

Computer-based online exam services have been hacked, so why would you trust them?

XR eXam has created the completely secure Virtual Reality online exam market.


Candidate validation

No human intervention

Live monitoring for cheating

Guaranteed controlled exam environment

Providing a Necessary Service

Find out more about XR eXam.

Be assured you're using the best option.  

Top Security

Candidate and exam security

are at the forefront of our product.

Fast Performance

The only limiting factor is your connection speed.

Online Support

It's so simple, "You got this."

But we're there, 24/7.

Satelite Dish

Learn About the Advantages of XR Exams.

Personalize Your Experience

You decide what you want to view, even "on-the-fly."

Answer questions with click, voice or point-of-gaze 


Accessible from All Locations

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If they don't have it, direct them here.


We've Come a Long Way

Education has Graduated.

The solution to secure online exams.

XR eXam.


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